Paul Willson was born in Charlottesville, Virginia and is currently based in Richmond, Virginia.

He has released three albums and three double-albums as a leader/primary composer and been a collaborator and/or member of several bands¬† including Rumput, Matthew O’Donnell and the Blue Ridge Bards, Psalm Swarr, UTV Chamber, Compass Rose Orchestra, Old Soul, Hannah Standiford, Max Wareham, Abakis, Poojaa Shah Talwar and others.

In 2011, he received a Bachelors degree in Jazz Guitar performance from VCU

In 2015 he received a Masters of Social Work degree from VCU

Paul currently performs under his own name but occasionally plays the sideman role from time time. His work has been reviewed in RVA Mag, RVA News and Style Magazine. Paul’s compositions cross into several genres. He sings, plays guitar, fiddle, tenor banjo, concertina, pennywhistle and bowed psaltery.

Paul’s recent releases include “Occasions For Reflections” an album of songs marking specific events or points in time and “I Made Friends With A Dragon”, an album of British, Irish, and Scottish traditional ballads and an album of original songs;¬† which features fiddle, guitar, banjo and voice as primary instruments.

Paul is currently completing an album “Fruits of the Underworld” which features rich arrangements involving guitars, synthesizers, violins, basses, vocals drums, tabla and more.