Occasions For Reflection

(Artwork by Diane Willson)

This album is unusual in the sense that each song was written for a specific occasion; two were written for marriage ceremonies, one for a marriage proposal (it panned out), one at a time of separation, and three regarding specific deaths. The order of songs on the album follows the chronological order in which these occasions occurred. As such, they are reflections and in some sense historical documents of particular times, events and people.

All Songs written and performed by Paul Willson

Mixing and Mastering by Adrian Olsen

© all rights reserved

Special thanks to: Diane Willson for her artwork, Adrian Olsen for his time and patience and all the folks who inspired this music

1. Kate and Jeff’s Wedding Song (written for my sister Kate and brother-in-law Jeff’s wedding ceremony, which took place in the October of 2014).

Instrumentation: Guitar, Fiddles, Voice

2. Opening And Closing Is the Rhythm (written during a short period of separation from my partner, Maggie, in the fall of 2015)

Instrumentation: Guitars, Numerous Bowed Psalteries, Voice

3. Warm April’s Pouring Rain (written at the coming of the first spring after my sister Marigene’s death in January, 2016)

Instrumentation: Voice

4. A Spring Through You (For Matt and Heather’s wedding ceremony, August 2016)

Instrumentation: Guitar, Voice

5. Shadow (written on the occasion of Halloween 2016 during the first year after Marigene’s passing)

Instrumentation: Guitar, Fiddle, Bowed Psaltery, Tenor Banjo, Voice

6. The One I Want To Ask With (sang to Maggie on Christmas Eve 2016 as a marriage proposal)

Instrumentation: Guitar, Voice

7. The Watchful Eye (written in summer 2020 on the passing of a young woman I knew)

Instrumentation: Guitar, Voice

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